Make The Leap with Us In 2019

Each year, after we’ve spent time enjoying holiday festivities with our friends and families, we head back to our “real lives.” Committing to healthier lifestyle resolutions we believe in wholeheartedly.

Days pass. Weeks pass. And, then a few months have gone by and we trend back to our natural tendencies -- enjoying the life with a little less focus on our healthy choices. We may eat from a drive thru more often. We may enjoy an extra drink or two. And, we might skip the gym once in a while.

Not this year. This year, Detoxify is here to help. You may have noticed from our social media that we have been transitioning our focus on all aspects of our healthier lifestyles. In 2019, we’re making the LEAP to content and products focused on living the healthier life you want to lead, eating foods that will help your body sustain a lifestyle you enjoy, and making sure you’re getting enough physical activity to keep your body prepared for whatever you’re throwing its way by planning ahead.

In this next year, keep an eye on our blog for information on the ingredients we use in our products and how they can help support your body’s natural systems, health and wellness best practices and personal development. We’ll also be sharing information about our products and how best to use them, new ways to incorporate cleansing and the benefits of regular self-care.

This year, 2019 is about a collective commitment to leveling up. We want to live a life that supports our healthiest selves. By living better, eating purposefully, being more active and planning ahead, we’re excited to find ourselves leaps and bounds ahead of where we’re starting.