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The Truth About Detox Revealed.

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What Detox Products Do

To some degree, everyone is toxic. Lifestyle choices determine how toxic each person is. The body’s systems – circulatory, digestive, urinary – are constantly at work trying to remove toxins. How well these systems function is also dependent on lifestyle choices. The healthier you live, the better your systems function, the cleaner your body is. If you live “hard”, you will get dirty and stay that way longer. Quite simple. If you have been dirty, and you decide that you want to get clean, there are several different things you can do. Each of these approaches yields different results that can be measured.

1. You can do nothing (except stop ingesting toxins). You let your body do its job with no additional support, and you will get clean some of the time.

2. You can increase fluid intake. By increasing your daily intake of water and other healthy fluids, you support your body’s systems in removing toxins. This will help you get clean a majority of the time.

3. You can use a cheap detox product. Given the wide variety of ingredients and ambiguous directions, you never know exactly what you’ll get, but most detox products do support the body’s natural cleansing processes. This is the basic fact of what detox products do – they support the body’s natural cleansing processes, and therefore help you get clean more effectively.

4. You can use a Detoxify Brand product. Detoxify products are the only products on the market that are formulated with ingredients that specifically support all 4 Factors of Full System Cleansing. This complete formulation is what makes our products the most effective on the market today.


Urinary System Flushing

The urinary system is the key system in achieving immediate “optimal cleansing benefits”.  Years of research have led us to our current product formulations.  We have found that when these ingredients and specific amounts of fluid are introduced into the system at specific times, the products support the urinary system in such a way as to produce a “flushing” effect associated with the experience of optimal cleansing benefits.

The Detoxify Zone

We called these optimal cleansing benefits “The Detoxify Zone”, and we found that most people get into the Zone within 45-90 minutes of using a Detoxify Brand product. 3 things about the design of the product support this outcome:

  1. The ingredients – A specific combination of herbs, fiber, vitamins & minerals (including creatine).
  2. The amount of fluid prescribed.
  3. The regimentation of introduction of the fluid and ingredients.

We charted the results of all of the tests that we ran and compiled them. Those compiled findings led to the creation of the chart below.


To Pre-Cleanse or Not to Pre-Cleanse

Forty-eight hours of pre-cleansing time drastically improves the performance of our products. This pre-cleansing time was even more impactful when it was coupled with a regimen of fluid intake and use of our Pre-Cleanse capsules.

For optimal cleansing results, it is always best to pre-cleanse. But some people’s lifestyles do not allow for a multi-day cleansing program. Therefore, we have subsequently discovered that the introduction of a metabolic enhancement to the formula can kick the body’s systems into overdrive for a brief period, thus achieving optimal cleansing without the 48 hour pre-cleanse. Mega Clean was the first product to feature Metaboost, and it spawned even more convenient and effective product forms in Green Clean and Instant Clean.


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