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Almost everyone deals with stomach upset and discomfort from time to time. Trust us, we’ve been there! If common digestive issues occur frequently and you need improved overall digestive health, there are steps you can take to combat these issues.

If you’ve never used a digestive tract cleanse before, you probably have a lot of questions about how they work. Specifically, how you can tell if a cleanse will help relieve your discomfort and if it’s the right solution for you. While cleanses are not a magical solution for every ailment affecting the stomach, they can help to improve these five common symptoms. 

1. Upset Stomach

    An upset stomach can include any type of discomfort occurring in your upper digestive tract (remember that time you over-indulged on greasy pizza and paid for it later?) If you get an upset stomach after eating, you may need a cleanse to help calm the area and improve your ability to digest your food. And we have just the thing! We often recommend Polisorb for upset stomachs because it works like a charm.

    Polisorb attaches to the toxins it encounters along your digestive tract and prevents them from being absorbed by your body. It’s kind of like a little thief who only steals all the junk you no longer want. The trapped bacteria and toxins are excreted once the Polisorb makes it all the way through your digestive tract.

    2. Nausea

      Persistent nausea can prevent you from getting the nutrition your body needs to function optimally. And, it makes you feel crummy in general. Feeling nauseous on a regular basis is simply no way to live. Occasionally, there are moments when your upset stomach takes a darker turn, leaving you in a nauseous state (we’ve been there one too many times). To overcome these sickly moments, we suggest taking Polisorb regularly to help your nausea symptoms so you can enjoy food again. 

      3. Food-Borne Negative Reactions

      Some foods don’t settle well in our stomachs because we’re unable to digest them effectively. Food-borne negative reactions are quite common. Sure, these can be caused by gas station sushi (side-note, we recommend passing on the spicy tuna roll when road tripping). Or, more often, negative reactions are caused by food just not agreeing with your body. 

      For some people gluten causes bloating and discomfort. For others, cheese doesn’t really sit well. Sometimes this is a chronic discomfort, and sometimes this is a one-time issue. Regardless, Polisorb grabs any food causing discomfort removing it from your system. We recommend you consume Polisorb as soon as the signs of a negative food reaction starts. 

      As long as your body hasn’t digested the questionable food yet, Polisorb can escort the problem-causer out of your body, before it turns your intestines into a pit of misery. Of course, if you have a serious allergic reaction to something you’ve eaten, you should seek emergency care right away.

      4. Occasional Bloating

        Occasional bloating is a common side effect of any diet. If you’re forced to unbutton your pants at the end of the day — or a particularly large meal — because your favorite pants have mysteriously become two sizes too small, bloating may be the culprit. If bloating is a consistent, unwanted guest, we recommend taking Polisorb as a supplement for bloating until you figure out and eliminate what’s causing the bloating in the first place. 

        To help yourself out more, you may even want to follow a cleanse diet for a while. However, be cautious, as there are many diets out there that are marketed as “cleanse” diets, but they aren’t all created equal. An ideal cleanse diet is a short-term way of eating and/or drinking that helps you eliminate toxins from your body. Polisorb can be used in combination with any short-term cleanse or long-term healthy diet to maximize the benefits.

        Polisorb can help beat the bloat and tame your gut Shop Polisorb

        5. Intestinal Discomfort

          Sometimes intestinal discomfort is so generalized it’s hard to put a finger on its cause. If you consistently feel uncomfortable in your lower abdomen, you may benefit from a periodic digestive tract cleanse like Polisorb. Polisorb can help to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and other toxins from your digestive tract before they begin to cause discomfort.

          Are you ready to take control of your digestive health and take the steps to support a healthy digestive system? Try Polisorb and see how much better your digestive tract and overall well being improves!  A happy tummy means a healthy you.