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All You Need to Know About Polisorb

We are very glad you have discovered Polisorb! By the time you are done reading, you will have learned why Polisorb works, how Polisorb works and what makes Polisorb stand out amongst the many other enterosorbent products. We will even walk you through some of the clinical studies performed to test Polisorb’s efficacy and to evaluate the presence of any side effects.

We recognize the importance of fully understanding every aspect of a supplement, including its mechanism of action, potential side effects and optimal usage practices before even thinking about introducing it to your body. That’s why we developed this easy-to-understand guide, so everyone has the opportunity to educate themselves on our product before deciding to give it a shot!


What is an Enterosorbent?

Polisorb is an enterosorbent. But what is an enterosorbent? We can start by breaking it down to its roots. The first part of the word, entero-, simply relates to the intestines or digestive tract. With this in mind, we can understand that Polisorb belongs to a class of supplements that take action within the digestive tract. The second part of the word, -sorbent, indicates the ability of a molecule to collect other molecules or substances by binding to them, either by chemical or physical interactions (we’ll get into the difference between those two later). Now, we stick these two roots together to form the word, enterosorbent, a molecule capable of collecting other molecules or substances by binding to them, either by chemical or physical interactions, within the digestive tract.

More simply put, enterosorbents are capable of entering the digestive tract and binding to certain substances, in the specific case of Polisorb, substances that may be upsetting your stomach or disrupting the delicate balance within your digestive system.

Now that we've talked about what class of supplements Polisorb belongs to, let’s take a few moments to discuss what Polisorb is.

What is Polisorb?

Polisorb is a white, odorless powder made up of a highly dispersed mineral ingredient, pure silicon dioxide, a compound/combination of silicon and oxygen. More importantly, silicon dioxide is a naturally occurring compound found in water, plants and animals, made up of two of the most common elements on Earth, oxygen and silicon. This means Polisorb, is not a synthetic, man-made chemical. Polisorb is simply a concentrated and purified form of a compound found in nature — that’s right, you’ll even find it in your own body!

And, Polisorb is not absorbed or digested by your body. All the product you consume will come out the other end naturally and unchanged, as tested and confirmed by clinical studies.

Now that we’ve gone over what Polisorb is, let’s go ahead and talk about how Polisorb works.

How Polisorb Works

Polisorb works like a magnet. As it moves through your digestive tract, it attracts and attaches to whatever it comes in contact with. After traveling through your digestive tract, Polisorb exits your body along with all the harmful substances it has attached to on its way.

Polisorb has excellent substance-binding and detoxification properties, supported by clinical data. It is very good at binding to/grabbing the substances it comes in contact with when passing through the digestive tracts. Polisorb binds to these substances in a physical manner, meaning that no chemical reactions take place when Polisorb sticks to a substance found in your digestive tract, an important factor that lends itself to its safety.

You may be wondering: What’s the difference between a physical and a chemical interaction? Chemical interactions require a chemical reaction to take place before the binding occurs, which can be a lot more dangerous and concerning when deciding if a supplement is safe to use. In the case of Polisorb, the binding taking place is purely physical, meaning that no chemical reactions take place, resulting in an extremely safe and very effective digestive cleanse.

After taking Polisorb, it enters your digestive tract coming in contact with substances such as bacteria, viruses, allergens or other toxins. When contact occurs, Polisorb binds to these toxic substances and carries them with it until both Polisorb and the toxic substances are pushed out of your digestive system, leaving no trace of itself behind.

Now that we have a clear understanding of how Polisorb works, let’s go ahead and chat about when we believe you should take Polisorb.

When to Use Polisorb

Polisorb can be used both regularly for cleansing and situationally, such as when you get an upset stomach from some bad food or drink you consumed. Regardless of the situation, anyone above the age of one can benefit from the detoxifying abilities of Polisorb!

You may be wondering: How does this apply to making me feel better? Let’s say you ate some food that didn’t sit well with you and are beginning to feel the consequences. You remember you have Polisorb in your medicine cabinet and decide to take it. Once the Polisorb enters your system, it rushes through your digestive tract and sticks to the food causing your stomachache. The Polisorb then makes its way out of your body along with the food causing your stomachache, relieving your upset stomach. You can see results as fast as 10-15 minutes!

Now that we know Polisorb can bind to such a wide variety of harmful substances, it becomes easy to understand how Polisorb can be used not only for fast-acting situational relief, but as an impactful and safe way to cleanse your entire digestive tract regularly.

Incorporating Polisorb into your monthly cleansing regimen can make a world of difference in both your gut and immune health. By allowing Polisorb to remove harmful bacteria and viruses from your body, you take a load off of your immune system and liver, allowing them to focus on battling other harmful bacteria, viruses or any other toxins outside of your digestive tract. Polisorb can also be used to remove harmful bacteria from your gut, allowing beneficial bacteria to flourish!

It is important to recognize that environmental pollution can also take a toll on your gut health, as pollutants and toxins settle over time. With the regular use of Polisorb, any pollutants or toxins that may have settled in your gut can be washed away, supporting both a healthy gut and lifestyle altogether!

Once you see for yourself how big of a difference Polisorb can make in your life, you will understand why both the Detoxify team and our customers believe Polisorb belongs in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit across the world.

Is Polisorb Safe?

Our clinical trials show Polisorb moves directly through the digestive tract without being absorbed or digested, or interrupting any other processes in the body. People just like you were given Polisorb and were then monitored over the course of three days. All participants were observed to have passed the entirety of the Polisorb they were originally administered by the end of a three-day period out of their digestive tract, which shows that no trace of Polisorb remains within the body.

This study is best understood when compared to how the body typically digests food. Let’s say you decide to eat a banana that originally weighed 120g. After your body has gotten all the nutrients from the banana, much of the original weight of the banana does not exit the body (less than 120g). In contrast, based on the findings of the clinical study we mentioned above, Polisorb is not digested by the body as the same amount that goes into the body exists the digestive system.

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