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Detoxify leads the industry in the science of healthy detoxification. Since day one, we’ve created products that help support your health and wellness goals.

We’ve spent years researching the formulations used for our herbal cleanses perfecting them with our proprietary blend of powerful ingredients and cleansing herbs specifically designed to get the most from Detoxify full body cleansing products.

And, then we added Polisorb to our product line. Polisorb is a totally pure, lightning-fast breakthrough detox to support your healthy digestive tract — 20 plus years of success and support in all of Europe shows nothing is more effective.

Our innovation includes a commitment to providing our customers with products of unsurpassed quality that yield positive results.

With more than 20 million sold over the last 20 years, Detoxify is a brand you know and you can trust.

Our mission.

Detoxify supports your detoxification goals through safe and impactful products that promote a healthier you.

You inspire us.

Different backgrounds. Different goals. One thing in common. To achieve a cleaner life. Ongoing analysis with food scientists, nutritionists, herbalists and nationally recognized labs keep us learning and innovating.

We’re building a community by providing the products and resources to make better choices for your healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to share relatable, honest and resourceful information and provide a place of support and encouragement.

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