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Chill Out. How American Ginseng Extract Can Help Find Your Zen?

Research suggests American ginseng extract can lift your energy level, boost brain power, reduce inflammation and bolster your immune system.

If it seems like American ginseng is everywhere these days, it’s because it is! American ginseng — which is not to be confused with Asian ginseng — is used in everything from beauty products to sodas.

American ginseng is incredibly easy to work into your diet, too. You can eat it raw, add it to a stir-fry, turn it into tea or simply take a regular supplement. No matter how you get your ginseng, research suggests that this native North American plant can provide a wealth of health benefits.

XXtra Clean Herbal Cleanse 

American ginseng root extract is one of five herbs that power Detoxify’s XXtra Clean Herbal Cleanse, a single-day detox that boosts your body’s natural cleansing system and rejuvenates your mind. The 20-ounce cleanse also includes extracts of burdock root, milk thistle, stinging nettle leaf, and uva ursi leaf.

Ginseng extract is central to this gentle yet effective cleanse because it’s a proven multitasker. It’s as good for your mind as it is for your body. Research suggests American ginseng extract can lift your energy level, boost brain power, reduce inflammation and bolster your immune system. Side effects are virtually non-existent, too, although those with diabetes and those taking anticoagulants should have a chat with their doctor before promoting American ginseng to a dietary staple.

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Increased Energy 

Packed with useful polysaccharides and oligopeptides, American ginseng has been shown to increase the creation of cellular energy. More cellular energy means more energy for you, period.

To that end, some studies suggest that American ginseng not only makes you less tired but also makes your physical activity better.1 Researchers believe this is because the in-demand herb can reduce oxidative stress and damage.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Two active compounds are central to many of American ginseng’s positive health effects: gintonin and ginsenosides. Research suggests the latter of these two teams up with yet another compound, known simply as K, to fend off free radicals, thereby preventing damage that often negatively impacts social function and mood.2

Other studies have shown that American ginseng may improve mental energy and performance.3 Some believe this may be because American ginseng helps deliver blood sugar to your body’s cells faster, thereby lowering mental fatigue. Predictably, this particular research into ginseng benefits is very promising for the treatment of diabetes, too. Studies suggest that ginseng can help regulate blood glucose levels in people with diabetes, as well as those without it.4


Because it raises your cell’s antioxidant capacity, American ginseng can also pack a big anti-inflammatory punch. Neutralizing all those free radicals not only enhances cognitive function as described above, but it also provides superior protection for your cells. Less oxidative stress means less inflammation.

Boosts Your Immune System

American ginseng may be armor for your immune system as well. Multiple studies on cancer patients have demonstrated a link between the herb and improved immune system markers.5 What’s more, one study showed that those cancer patients who took American ginseng had an almost 40% higher survival rate than those cancer patients who did not. 

American ginseng is a potent herb at the heart of every Detoxify XXtra Clean Herbal Cleanse due to its positive effects on both the body and the mind. If you’ve lost that pep in your step or find yourself feeling foggy lately, consider a ginseng-rich cleanse to get your system back in gear.