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Some detox cleanses work for a few hours. Others take a few days to work and then you’re clean for as long as you avoid the avoidable toxins.

If you’re considering a cleanse, one of the questions that you may be asking yourself is whether or not it will be a permanent detox or a temporary solution.

These days, the word “cleanse” means a variety of things. You could be avoiding alcohol for a week. You could be drinking cold-pressed juices four times a day. Perhaps you're giving up gluten and sugar for 30 days. Or, you're looking for a solution to support your body's natural ability to cleanse itself of toxins and unwanted substances.

Why Should You Detox?

The food and drinks we consume. Our lifestyle and health choices. The products we put on our skin, as well as those we ingest including medications and supplements. Pollutants and allergens from the environment we live in. These all contribute to the toxins and substances inside our bodies, and as you can tell, some of these are just unavoidable – unless you can hold your breath for a really long time.

Some detox cleanses work for a few hours. Others take a few days to work and then you’re clean for as long as you avoid the avoidable toxins.

Our bodies have built-in systems designed to cleanse us of the toxins and unwanted substances we encounter in our daily lives. Your respiratory, endocrine, circulatory, urinary, digestive, excretory and lymphatic systems are all part of the sophisticated process your body has for naturally filtering out the "bad." When you cleanse, you’re helping your body do its job better and faster. 

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What Are Short-Term and Long-Term Cleanses?

Think of short-term cleanses (Ready Clean and Mighty Clean) like a temp employee or supercharged intern you hire to help when your business is busy. For a few hours, they come in, clean up your inbox, organize your files and handle all the calls. Then they leave, and your workload is the same as it was before.

Similarly, short-term cleanses work quickly, usually just for a few hours, leaving your body cleaner than it would be normally. And, like a business, your body will continue to work to get rid of toxins and waste, but it won’t be as efficient as it was during your cleanse. Meaning toxins may begin to pile up again in the future.

Long-term cleanses like Ever Clean, are more like a consultant you hire to set you up for success, long-term. You’re making a commitment to work together for a better, cleaner body. Just like a consultant would coach your business, you’ll use your cleanse to train your body to adjust to a lack of the toxins you may be accustomed to. Your long-term cleanse will help you at first, and the commitment and practice are on you to live clean.

The short answer: No cleanse is permanent. 

The long answer starts with whether you plan on reintroducing toxins into your system and your environment, and ends with how committed you are to your decision to eat clean, use clean products and live clean.

In both short and long-term cleanses, whether or not you reintroduce toxins into your body will drastically affect your healthy life goals. And, Detoxify offers a wide range of multi-system herbal cleanses to fit your schedule and your needs in any cleansing scenario.