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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Gifts Your Bridal Party Will Actually Use

The men and women in your bridal party will appreciate a detox kit to ease the pain of a well-earned hangover.

Raise your hand if you have a drawer full of ceramic trinket holders or personalized golf balls for which you will never, ever find a use. Just us? We didn't think so.

These and other played-out bachelor and bachelorette party gifts can be extremely tough to part ways with. After all, Todd gave those golf balls to you, and they have your initials on them! Who cares that it's Todd who likes to golf, not you, or that you actually kind of HATE golf? We know, it's the thought that counts...

Enough with the clutter. If you're getting hitched soon, consider bestowing gifts upon your bridal party that virtually any bridesmaid, groomsman or other member of your nuptials crew will actually use.

Personalized Champagne 

A bottle of custom champagne is a monster multitasker. It makes a great gift at any point in the wedding party process, from when you first ask someone to stand up for you to the night before the big day itself. It's elegant but fun, and it's filled with delicious champagne. Case closed.

Personalized bubbles start at a wide variety of price points, making them an awesome option for weddings of all sizes and styles. Most companies offer the chance to create a custom, full-color label. Many also offer bottle engraving.

Lingerie for the Gals, Robes for the Boys

If you want to go a more leisurely route, opt for plush bathrobes for your bridal party. They're available in plenty of sizes, fits, and colors, and most can be monogrammed or otherwise customized. A luxurious robe is also one piece of clothing where it's hard to get the recipient's size totally wrong. For staying power and ultimate usability, skip including “bridesmaid” on the back and instead opt for a personal monogram or nothing.

On the other hand, if you know your bridesmaids well, you might consider swapping out fancy robes for lingerie. It's not for everyone, but for the right crowd, it's one of the best bachelorette party favors.

Custom Wine Tumblers

Insulated custom wine tumblers are an on-trend and incredibly useful gift choice. They're available in a wide variety of sizes and in endless colors and patterns. Pair them with a wine bottle chiller, and you'll be giving your bridal party members their new summer staples.

Hack Their Hangover With Detoxify's Hangover Recovery Bundles

Looking for a gift to give your BFFs at your bachelor or bachelorette party? How about something to give them on your wedding day before you take the plunge? Consider a detox kit to ease the pain of a well-earned hangover.

Detoxify's Hangover Recovery Bundles helps you conquer hangover symptoms on two fronts: Polisorb, when taken as your last shot of the night, helps remove the pollutants that cause hangover symptoms. It travels through your system like a ninja, quickly and stealthily attracting irritants (Hello, cheese fries and Mai Tais!) and eliminating them in under 15 minutes.

The following morning, it's time for the rest of your detox bundle: a Detoxify herbal cleanse reboots your system after a wild night out by working with your body's natural cleansing processes while helping to hydrate better than water alone. It may be the closest thing to a hangover cure.

Avoid a Hangover? Yes Please! Shop Detoxify Hangover Recovery Bundles

CBD Oil & Candles for Relaxation

Men and women alike appreciate an affordable at-home spa day. Bath bombs, CBD oil, and candles are staples of any relaxation gift crate or basket.

Beyond that, have fun tailoring each kit to each member of the bridal party. Got a friend who looks like he's in ZZ Top? Throw some fancy beard balm in there. You know Robin, who can't stop talking about how everything is better in Portland? Give her a Timber's toothbrush. Touches like these, even if they're just nods to silly inside-jokes, show your friends how happy you are they're there.

Party Fanny Packs with Matching Hats

If your bachelor or bachelorette party involves taking on tourist attractions, turn the tables on your bridal party by surprising them with matching fanny packs and hats. The '80s are back in a big way, and your mega-fashion moment will draw plenty of attention and create some totally tubular photo ops.

Big or small, when you plan a wedding, you have a lot of decisions to make. What to get the guys and girls in your bridal party should be one of the fun, easy ones—somewhere above choosing flowers and below the taste-testing cake. Choose a gift that reflects your thoughtfulness from top to bottom by opting for a gift that your bridal party will actually put to use.