Can detox cleanses help with a cold?

It’s that time of year again, when even the best of us get hit with the famous “common cold.” Whether cold and flu season are upon us or not, it’s easier to catch a cold than you might think. Colds are usually caused by viruses and caught by our mouths, noses and eyes as they encounter droplets, toxins and germs in our daily lives. What you may not know is that detoxing can help you get over your cold quicker. 



Causes of the Cold

Somehow we never know how we caught a cold until we’re buried in a pile of kleenex, eyeing that bottle of NyQuil on the counter like it was liquid gold. The common cold has a variety of causes:

  • Droplets in air when someone sneezes, coughs or talks. One of the leading culprits, bodily fluid transmission is one of the quickest ways to introduce someone else’s cold or flu into your body.
  • Being tired. When your body is tired, it doesn’t have the resources or energy to fight off the causes of colds, flus, and other health issues. 
  • Weakened Immune System. If you suffer from a weaker immune system or have been diagnosed with a condition that affects this system, your body will be more susceptible to viruses in the surrounding environment. 
  • Airborne pollution and germs. As with droplets that are transferred through the air, airborne pollutants and germs of all sorts are constantly surrounding us and can take a toll on our overall health. 
  • Impure water. Dirty water is a well-known culprit when it comes to getting sick. Waterborned germs and pollutants can do just as much damage to you system as their airborne brethren.
  • Toxins from skin care, soaps, shampoos. While the soap or shampoo you are using may not be the direct cause of your sickness, the heavy metals and chemicals used in these products likely aren’t helping your body fight off whatever has you under the weather. 
  • Hand-to-hand contact. We rub our mouths, scratch our noses, itch our eyes and use our hands all day for a variety of activities. If you aren’t washing your hands often, your hands may be carrying all of the germs you never wanted to learn about. 
  • Shared utensils, towels, toys and phones. Yes, your cell phone is dirty; really dirty. Items like your phone come into contact with countless surfaces all day. Whether it is touching the skin on your face while you talk, absorbing the oils from your fingers while texting, or simply picking up crumbs and remnants when you set your phone down on the lunch table, your phone is one of the dirtiest aspects of your life. But it isn’t just electronics; even reaching for that towel that everyone shares near the sink contributes to the communal “pool” of germs. 


How Detox Can Help

Regularly detoxing your body of germs, toxins and everything in between can help you avoid catching something, and, when you’re already sick, it can help your body flush out whatever it is that is causing your symptoms. 

  • Detox cleanses flush the entire body. As we’ve discussed, detox products work by turbocharging your body’s systems, expediting and enhancing these efforts to rid the body of toxins and harmful viruses, germs and contaminants. 
  • Restoring your body to health is just as important as expelling whatever is causing the sickness. Cleanses like Mighty Clean have restorative components that are rich in ingredients like Aloe Vera, known for soothing both internal and external discomfort. 
  • Detox cleanses are designed to work that very same day. Sure, multi-day cleanses are great and can help keep the body healthy, but when you’ve gone through your fifth box of tissues, you don’t care that you’ll feel better a week from now. A same day flush like those provided by products like Green Clean can expedite and enhance your body’s ability to get you healthier right then and there. No wait required! 
  • Cleanses contain herbs that are known to have beneficial healing properties. Herbs like Uva Ursi, Potassium, Magnesium and the whole suite of vitamins can help give you body the fuel it needs to rid itself of whatever is weighing you down. 


The Super Cleanse Combo

One of our audience's “oldest tricks in the book” has always been to combine a packet or two of Emergen-C with our intensive Green Clean cleanse. This combo ups the ante a bit to help you get back to kicking ass and taking names:

  • Vitamin C - At least 1000mg of Vitamin C per day. You can use products like Emergen-C or take Vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is also found in many of Detoxify’s products. 
  • Lots of Water - Staying hydrated will make a significant difference in how fast you recover. The more fluids you put in your body, the more fluids your body has to flush out whatever is causing your sickness. 
  • Green Clean or Mighty Clean - Green Clean was always our go-to cold cure, but Mighty Clean has slowly been replacing its older brother thanks to the increased intensity and additional restorative components that your body will thank you for.
  • Salsa - Spicy foods help you get better faster. As someone who loves salsa, I prefer nachos or chips and salsa and jalapeños, but anything with a kick to it should help with clearing out your nasal congestion, improving blood flow, and helping with breathing problems. 


We often hear people tell us that they throw one or two Emergen-C packets into a glass of ice water, chase that down with a Green Clean or Mighty Clean, and finish it with a hefty helping of chips and salsa. Let us know what works for you in the comments!


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Image Credit: Pixabay