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Herbs like ginseng, milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion, aloe vera, uva ursi and echinacea are a powerhouse that help flush your system of acquired toxins.

If you are like many, you have probably heard about detox teas and their supposed weight loss capabilities. Detox teas for weight loss are currently all the rage, but you may wonder, do they work? To answer this question, you must understand how detox teas work and their impact on your body.

What is a Detox Tea for Weight Loss?

Historically, practices such as the use of enemas, sweating, and fasting were used to detox your body and, up until the early 20th century, were seen as genuine treatments for various medical conditions and injuries.

Most of these practices are now seen as ineffective. In recent years, safer and more natural means of cleansing your body have made their way to the Western world, one of which is detox teas. 

Depending on the product, there are detox tea ingredients that have some weight loss potential. For instance, many of the ingredients in quality detox teas boost your metabolism and increase your body’s fat-burning capabilities. 

But let's be real…detox teas are meant for SO much more than a change in weight. In fact, there are a multitude of reasons to detox. We’ll let the following speak for itself:

As their name implies, detox teas rid your body of foreign toxins. These teas often contain some of nature’s most powerful cleansing ingredients. Herbs and herbal extracts like ginseng, milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion, aloe vera, uva ursi and echinacea are a powerhouse that help flush your system of acquired toxins and improve overall function of all major organs and systems.

Moreover, ingredients such as dandelion leaf, sarsaparilla and milk thistle promote healthy liver function, which is necessary for ridding your body of a backlog of toxins.

As if these benefits aren’t enough, most detox teas promote relaxation. When you’re relaxed, your body won’t undergo the many adverse effects of stress, which include the accumulation of oxidative stress. Among other adverse outcomes, oxidative stress makes it difficult for your body to burn fat or transform fuel into energy.

Finally, the antioxidants in detox teas flush toxins out of your body and eliminate waste. Both these outcomes not only help you maintain a healthy weight but also, they lay the foundation for future optimal function of all your body’s major systems.

How Detox Teas Work

Your body has a natural detoxification system that removes harmful compounds and toxins. Detox teas work with this system to power up your body’s cleansing powers, meaning your body can eliminate waste and toxins faster and more effectively, helping to reset all major systems, including your metabolism. 

When your metabolic system is no longer bogged down by greasy foods, sugary beverages and the occasional mixed drink, it can perform optimally to convert those foods and drinks into energy, which you can use to exercise, do a little dance or simply enjoy life to the fullest.

Top Reasons for Dabbling in Detox Drinks

Detox drinks have numerous health benefits—at least, quality drinks do. How do you differentiate “quality detox drinks” from “not-quality detox drinks,” though? That’s a good question.

Finding full body cleanses that do what they promise can be difficult. We offer a wide range of products that are delicious while providing your body the herbal ingredients to flush out the toxins you may or may not have welcomed into your system.

Mighty Clean

Our Mighty Clean drink is effective at cleansing multiple bodily systems. It features Metaboost, an ingredient that supports your metabolism and helps your body achieve maximum cleansing. Might Clean detoxes your kidneys and liver, hydrates your body, boosts your immune system, and helps you maintain sustained energy levels. It comes in packs of three. You may also notice the following benefits:

  • Nourished skin
  • Higher energy levels
  • Healthier joints
  • Improved focus and mood
  • Better sleep

Mighty Clean is ideal for anyone seeking a full body cleanse detox product that improves kidney, liver, urinary, and circulatory functioning.

Mega Clean

Like our Mighty Clean drink, our Mega Clean detox drink is a multi-system cleanse. It is a fan favorite and ideal for anyone who suffers from frequent colds or illnesses. If you frequently find yourself dehydrated or suffering from low energy levels, Mega Clean can help. Mega Clean offers all the benefits of Mighty Clean and comes in both tropical and grape flavors.

Green Clean

Our Green Clean product comes in two five-ounce shooter bottles, which is perfect for anyone who wants to drink less but obtain all the benefits of our other drinks. Green Clean contains green leaf tea extract, which promotes healthy stomach bacteria and boosts metabolism. Not to mention, it tastes magnificent.

XXtra Clean

If you need to improve your mood, you should try XXtra Clean. XXtra Clean supports sustained energy levels and reduces feelings of stress. It is a multi-system cleanse that offers all the benefits of Mega Clean and Mighty Clean.

Ready Clean

Ready Clean is our original detox drink. It features cranberry extracts known to support urinary health and prevent UTIs caused by frequent cleansing. It also hydrates your body, boosts immune functioning, and detoxes the liver and kidneys.

If you are in the market for a detox drink for body cleanse, you're in the right place. Optimizing your health is our priority, and we're here to help every step of the way.

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