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Detoxify vs Stinger Detox Cleanses: Compare Reviews, Similarities & Differences

If you’re interested in doing a full body cleanse, you have your fair share of cleanses from which to choose. Those cleanses range from simple, one-ingredient regimens to more complex, multi-supplement products. They also include one-day programs to week-long courses. Understandably, identifying the right cleanse for your body and lifestyle may be an overwhelming and confusing chore. To help you out, we’ve compared cleanses from two of the top cleansing brands on the market today: Detoxify and Stinger.

Detoxify Cleanses

Detoxify is a leader in the detoxification industry. Not only that, but we have a reputation for developing some of the healthiest, safest and most effective detoxifying products available. To create products that support a variety of health and wellness goals, we spent years researching and developing proprietary blends of the most powerful cleansing herbs and ingredients. Today, Detoxify offers a range of full-body detox cleanses designed for occasional use, moderate use and daily use. Below are a few of our most popular products:

  • Mighty Clean: Mighty Clean is our most powerful same-day cleanse that featuring extracts from green tea, burdock root, milk thistle, ginseng root, stinging nettle, Aloe Vera, and Uva Ursi leaf. It’s designed to flush all levels of toxicity, ranging from average to maximum, in just three to four hours.

  • Precleanse Herbal Supplement: Though we recommend each of our cleanses for all levels of toxicity, we highly recommend precleansing two to three days in advance with our Precleanse Herbal Supplement. Our precleanse contains burdock root extract, echinacea, dandelion leaf, juniper berry, sarsaparilla seed extract and red clover blossom, among other anti-inflammatory, immune supporting ingredients.

  • Bender Recovery: If you partied too hard the night before, worry not! Our Bender Recovery packages provide relief from various symptoms of overindulgence, including but not limited to headache, bloating, upset stomach and mental fog.

  • Polisorb: Polisorb is one of our most powerful and popular products. Different from the others, Polisorb is targeted as a digestive tract cleanse. The superstar ingredient in this product binds to harmful substances within your gut and quickly ushers them through the digestive tract and out of your system. As an enterosorbent, Polisorb utilizes your body’s natural processes without ever being digested by it, making it a safe and effective product for the whole family.

Our other products include Mega Clean, Mega Clean NT, Instant Clean, Green Clean, Gut Health Detox, Sugar-Free Detox, XXtra Clean, Ready Clean, 10-Day Reset and Ever Clean 5-Day Cleanse. Each of our products uses nature’s most powerful herbs along with vitamins and minerals to deliver optimal capabilities.

Stinger Detox

Founded nearly 30 years ago, Stinger Detox is regarded as the original detox. Unlike Detoxify, Stinger Detox has focused its efforts on just three main products — its liquid cleansers, capsule cleansers, and mouth and hair support. Each cleanse comes in one of two flavors: grape or peach.

  • Liquid Cleanses: Stinger Detox offers a range of liquid cleanses, including one-day products to week-long cleanses. It also offers Extra Strength cleanses and cleanses that claim to work within as little as one hour.
  • Capsule Cleanses: Stinger’s capsule cleanses are more targeted than its liquid options, with products for liver support, hangover prevention and whole body support.
  • Hair and Mouth Support: Stinger’s hair cleanses and mouthwash are designed to remove toxins from unexpected places, including in the hair follicles and the mouth.

Detoxify vs Stinger Detox: Similarities and Differences

Detoxify and Stinger Detox cleanses have a handful of similarities and differences. In terms of similarities, both brands promise almost instant results. They also offer proprietary blends that work for anywhere from average to maximum toxin exposure, and claim to utilize all-natural ingredients.

Though the differences between the two brands are not many, they are major. For starters, Detoxify offers transparency in terms of ingredients, whereas Stinger simply states its ingredients are “naturally sourced.” Detoxify also aids the body’s natural digestive properties, whereas Stinger Detox makes little to no mention of how its products work. Finally, Detoxify’s products are supported by dense research, while there is no way to determine if Stinger can say the same. 

Detoxify Customer Reviews

Still not sure which full body detox company to go with? Check out these telling Detoxify customer reviews:

Review of Polisorb Digestive Tract Relief

This product works better than anything I’ve ever taken. It takes away my gas and diarrhea very quickly. I love it!

Review of Detoxify Mega Clean NT

Great cleansing product! Recommended to everyone.

Review of Detoxify Instant Clean Herbal Cleanse

This product has not failed me yet. THANK YOU!

Review of Detoxify Mega Clean NT

Followed the directions and it worked!!! It Tasted pretty good too. I bought the tropical flavor! Will definitely purchase it again.

Review of Stinger Detox 5X

I have been a daily user for 6 years and have been clean for about 15 days. I have a drug test with Quest Diagnostics for a pre-employment drug test) in 4 days. I decided to buy the stinger detox mentioned in the title and after the 45 min mark, I had a faint negative line, 1hr mark still there, and then 2 hr mark almost no negative line anymore.

Though Stinger Detox has just a few additional years on its side, Detoxify has transparency, research and customer reviews going for it. If you’re looking for a reputable, safe and effective detox, look no further than Detoxify.

Detoxify herbal cleanses are designed to help support your body’s natural cleansing systems to remove individual toxins. Our products are not designed for tests of any sort.