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Detoxes and cleanses are trending on social media, and we're not surprised that interest in healthy living has taken the Internet by storm. Taking care of yourself has physical, emotional and mental benefits that are too instrumental to our health to ignore. With that being said, it is important to note that even if you lead a clean and healthy lifestyle, there are still environmental toxins that unwelcomely make their way into our systems. That's exactly what detoxes and cleanses are all about — helping you protect your cells from the damaging effects of toxins so your body can do its thing more smoothly. However, before you mark the starting date of your detox on your calendar, let us help you decide what kind of cleanse fits your goals. To begin, let's first decipher the difference between detox and cleanse programs.

What is a Cleanse?

The idea of a cleanse encompasses everything related to eliminating toxins from your body. It doesn’t always mean following a special diet, although some people choose to take that route. As far as wellness is concerned, a cleanse usually focuses on the digestive tract specifically. Great news for your tummy — this can help eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria in your stomach, small intestine, large intestine and other areas! To make matters even better, you begin to feel the improvements in your body quickly following a cleanse. 

What is a Detox?

Some websites use the terms “cleanse” and “detox” interchangeably as they have similar definitions and purposes of eliminating toxins from the body. However, when we refer to a detox, we’re talking about a program to eliminate toxins from several body systems at the same time (crazy, right?). This is sometimes called a multisystem detox. Detoxes can support your digestive, circulatory and urinary systems, as well as other cleansing systems like your endocrine system — all assisting your body in naturally flushing out toxins. One of the main goals of natural detoxing is to intake nutrients that help your colon, liver and kidneys (which are your body’s main detox engines) do their job better and more efficiently.

Before you rush to get started with the latest "miracle" detox on YouTube, a word of warning: There’s a big difference between science-backed detoxes and many of the self-proclaimed "cure-everything" products out there. Safety is first at Detoxify, which is why our detoxes and cleanses don't over promise or push your body to extremes by starving your body, or consuming a liquid diet for three to five days. With Detoxify's products, you can eat meals every day, not have to stay close by a bathroom all day and still reap the maximum benefits from the detox.

Be Mindful of The Types Of Detoxes and Cleanses Available

Some words of advice from people who care — be cautious with juice cleanses requiring you to avoid solid foods for days or weeks at a time. What many people don't know is that the fiber in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other solid foods can actually support getting rid of toxins and nourish your gut microbiome. Eating lighter meals or eliminating unhealthy foods can be beneficial, while we suggest steering clear of fad diets demanding you stop eating certain food groups completely unless there is a medical reason as to why your doctor would recommend you do so.

Toxins? What Toxins?

If you live a healthy life, you might be wondering why you need to worry about toxins. If you eat clean, don’t drink alcohol or smoke and don't live in an area with industrial pollution, are you really exposed to toxins? The answer for everyone is yes. Many of us face harmful particles on a daily basis, and the list of substances causing damage to cells is practically endless. Some common toxins include:

  • Air pollution
  • Pesticides
  • Harmful bacteria
  • Trans fats
  • Excess mercury
  • Viruses
  • Allergens
  • Chemicals

Even the healthiest grocery stores or farmers markets offer products with artificial additives, dyes and sugars. Instead of risking these chemicals and contaminants causing problems, many health-conscious individuals prefer to regularly flush them from their body using a reliable monthly cleanse or detox.

Nutrients In, Toxins Out

Getting plenty of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your diet is the perfect first start to taking care of your health. Because, let's get real, it's not enough for your body to only take in nutritious foods (although that’s a great start), you also need a way to eliminate waste products, invaders and other harmful substances. Studies consistently support the importance of protecting your body’s cells from harmful toxins. Done right, a cleanse is a complement to the natural system your body has in place for eliminating waste. 

The Importance of a Digestive Tract Cleanse

Your digestive and circulatory systems naturally eliminate toxins, breaking them down and excreting them. So, why cleanse or detox?

Depending on your lifestyle, your body’s waste removal systems may not be working at optimal levels. Stress, dehydration, diet choices and excess environmental contamination can get in the way even if this is a periodic issue during holidays or travels. If your body is having trouble getting rid of all the built-up “junk” in your bloodstream or GI tract, detoxing can provide additional manpower to do so. Periodic detoxes may be just what you need to reduce levels of harmful toxins. The idea is to start fresh with a clean slate.

How Can You Decide Between a Cleanse vs Detox?

Your body will reap the benefits whether you opt for a multisystem detox or a cleanse focused on your digestive tract. A healthy digestive system helps support your immune system, lowers your risk of heart problems, boosts your mood, promotes restful sleep, supports increased energy levels, and helps improve the absorption of nutrients and more. For this reason, choosing a cleanse vs detox primarily depends on your goals.

If you have occasional constipation or bloating, you may decide to start with a digestive system cleanse. For whole-body rejuvenation, a detox may be ideal. You can schedule both cleanses and detoxes from time to time to support your body’s natural toxin removal systems. And, these can work together to create an amazing refresh and reboot to support an overall healthier you.

How Does An Enterosorbent Work To Cleanse?

Let's talk about the glorious health supplement, Polisorb. Polisorb is a revolutionary approach to detoxification, an enterosorbent digestive tract detox. Instead of relying on extreme diet changes, using an enterosorbent provides benefits from the power of molecular absorption. Silicon dioxide (the one and only ingredient in Polisorb) is a naturally occurring compound reigned as the most powerful enterosorbent available.

If you haven’t heard about Polisorb until now, you’re welcome in advance for bringing it into your life. Extremely beneficial to your digestive health, this white powder mixed with your favorite liquid (water, juice, or any other of your choice) travels through the digestive system like a tiny magnet, picking up harmful substances along the way. Polisorb reduces the amount of toxins your internal organs have to process and help get rid of bacteria, toxins and unwanted substances provoking upset stomach or digestive discomfort. Studies have shown that the total amount of Polisorb that enters your system also exits your system. So Polisorb does not leave any imprint in your digestive tract and has zero harmful side effects.

If you are finding yourself intrigued by the science behind Polisorb, we don’t blame you. Learn more about how Polisorb works and how it may benefit your life moving forward.