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Whether you ate something that didn’t sit well, overindulged or are experiencing boating and/or nausea, even the most health-conscious individuals can experience the occasional digestive discomfort. Every bit of food and drink you consume, plus any environmental toxins you come in contact with, travel through your digestive system. At one point or another, it’s likely that some discomfort may arise from everything passing through your body. 

In order to combat this discomfort, many people turn to traditional over-the-counter relief. These methods often mask the symptoms of discomfort, and don’t actually do anything to help remove the root of the problem. Digestive tract detoxes can help to cleanse your system of any irritants that may be causing discomfort in the moment, and can be used periodically to remove built-up toxins before you start to feel any discomfort.

What is the Function of the Digestive System?

The digestive tract is made up of multiple organs, including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. These are the organs food and liquid travel through as they are swallowed, digested, absorbed and ultimately excreted through. When you eat a meal, your body absorbs the nutrients from your food and then tries to excrete the metabolic waste and toxins. While our bodies do a pretty good job of getting rid of waste, inevitably some toxins remain in our systems and build up over time. This is when problems may begin to arise. Some of these problems may not be visible, such as fatigue and discomfort, while others are more apparent like worsened skin, weight gain and odor.

Even if you’re not experiencing any of these signs of an unhealthy gut, your digestive tract may still be housing additional toxins. Toxins can come from many places, such as food, drinks, your environment and more, and you should try to avoid them as much as possible in order to maintain a healthy digestive system. For those who are unable to avoid toxins in their daily routine, there are digestive tract cleanses. So, why should you consider a digestive tract detox, and how does it work?

What is the Goal of a Digestive Tract Detox?

Digestive tract detoxes help remove the waste and toxins hanging out in your digestive system, helping support your health and overall wellbeing, from the inside out. Removing these toxins can help reduce occasional constipation and bloating, support a healthy immune system and even help increase your mental clarity. Regular digestive cleansing keeps your system functioning better, providing your body with healthy, sustained energy.

How to Support a Healthy Digestive Tract 

A good way to help cleanse your system is by increasing your fiber intake. Adding more fiber such as fruits, leafy vegetables, and nuts to your diet can help improve the function of your digestive tract. Probiotics found in kimchi, yogurt, and kombucha also help promote good bacteria in your digestive tract, which improves the overall health of your digestive system.

It is also important to stay hydrated and increase your water intake to flush out any toxins that may be lingering in your system. Exercising regularly can also help your body flush out toxins, as waste is excreted through your sweat. Try to avoid introducing additional toxins into your system, such as tobacco, alcohol, red meat and stress to improve the function of your body’s systems. If you feel you need an additional boost, try using a targeted digestive tract cleanse to help boost your system.

Introducing Polisorb Digestive Tract Cleanse

While there are many digestive cleanses on the market, Polisorb is an exceptional enterosorbent that binds to toxins in the digestive tract such as bacteria, viruses, and pollutants, and naturally pushes them out of your system. Polisorb can be used on a case-by-case basis, like if you have eaten food that is causing discomfort, or on a regular basis to create a long-term barrier against toxins. Results from taking Polisorb can be felt in as quickly as 10-15 minutes, making it a gentle yet powerful cleanse. Not only does Polisorb remove bad bacteria from your system, but it also allows good bacteria to thrive and can help improve the overall health of your digestive system.

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