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Partying Hard? Elderberry, Zinc and Cleansing Will Keep You From Using Your Sick Days

With Polisorb, you’ll give overpriced bleacher beers (or anything you drink) the boot the moment you get home.

Saving your sick days for when you’re under the weather is one approach to taking time off. Another is banking those hard-earned hours to spend them on a weekend excursion to Vegas with your roommates or calling in sick when the next installment of Grand Theft Auto finally drops.

No matter how you spend your hours away from work, you probably don’t want to waste it nursing a hangover. Here’s how to cleanse your body from alcohol and get back on your feet fast, without burning time off on a queasy day of Netflix and bad naps. 

Prepare Your Body for a Night of Partying 

When a night out is on the horizon, preparation is key. To minimize a hangover, you need to take care of yourself—in all the ways you should be taking care of yourself already. That means:

  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating a healthy meal
  • Taking your vitamins

Your body treats beer, wine, and liquor like toxins because that’s what they are. Hoppy, bubbly, and all-around delicious toxins that offer little to nothing in the way of usefulness to your health. As such, your body wants them gone faster than you can say “Long Island Iced Tea.” An entire night of partying takes a lot of energy, so the first step in curbing your hangover is making sure your body is well-rested, well-fed, and ready to fight before you leave home.

What to Take the Next Day  

No matter how prepared you are to party, you may find yourself feeling less like a rock star and more like a pile of gravel the following morning. To stop headaches, nausea and other symptoms of overindulgence, turn to elderberry and zinc.

Elderberry & Immunity 

Hangover symptoms and how hard they hit you depend on a variety of conditions, from your genes to what you drank. When inflammation is part of your post-party package, try elderberry. Both elderberry flowers and the berries themselves are full of vitamins and antioxidants that can turn down the volume of acute inflammation and the flu-like symptoms it can cause.

Several cultures across Europe and North America have used elderberry for ages, and not just to treat discomfort. It’s important to note, however, that you can’t just go chomping on raw elderberries. They’re toxic — and hard to find — when raw. If you want to try elderberry for hangover symptoms, opt for gummies, capsules, lozenges, or teas instead.

How Zinc Helps Hangovers 

Another way to shorten hangover symptoms is to load up on zinc. Your body doesn’t produce it naturally, but the versatile mineral is fundamental to your overall health. Fortunately, it’s found in a variety of foods, including: 

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Whole grains
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Shellfish

It’s also available in supplement form, which is what you want on hand if you plan to go ham at that going-away party for your coworker. As you age, your body needs more help metabolizing alcohol. (Yes, that’s why your hangovers seem to be getting worse.) Because zinc helps your system convert ethanol into acetaldehyde, research suggests that zinc boosts your body’s overall ability to break down booze and eliminate it from your system.1

Ideally, you should take some zinc before you start tossing back the cocktails. Still, even if you wait until the following morning, your digestive system will thank you. There’s virtually no bad time to deploy zinc for hangover symptoms. 

Not So Hungover Anymore

Elderberry and zinc aren’t the only weapons in your body’s hangover-fighting arsenal. You can also speed things up with a gentle cleanse. In fact, with Polisorb, you can start giving all those overpriced bleacher beers the boot the moment you get home from the game. It curbs hangover symptoms by removing alcohol from your system before it can cause harsh effects.

Polisorb itself doesn’t stay in your system, either. Instead, it attracts toxins like a magnet as it moves through your digestive tract, ushering those suckers out so you can make it to work Monday morning.

Another way to expedite your hangover symptoms is with an herbal cleanse. A detox drink makes three baller moves toward banishing the pain of an extra-fun Friday night:

  1. It rehydrates you faster than water.
  2. It supports your body’s natural cleansing processes, which are seriously taxed by tequila and its friends.
  3. It replenishes all those precious vitamins and minerals you lost right alongside your debit card. (We see you, zinc.)

No one looks back on their life and wishes they spent more time at work. If you want to spend a sick day under a pile of laundry doing a seventh re-watch of “Parks and Rec” and wondering who replaced your tongue with sandpaper, that’s your prerogative. If you want to bounce back from a good time and get back to the office so you can save that PTO, make smart choices, and treat your body well.

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