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Polisorb vs Liquid IV for Hangover Relief: Which Should I Choose?

A night of hard drinking and good company is worth the aftermath—sometimes. But still, wouldn't it be nice if we could live it up without the inevitable hangover symptoms that swoop in and hold us hostage the next day? Is it too much to think we could enjoy ourselves without paying for it later?

If you've ever asked questions like this, we have some really great news for you. There are things you can take to minimize your hangover symptoms. Yes, really! Many people have heard of taking Liquid IV after boozing, but another product can take your hangover relief to a whole new level. Polisorb is tasteless, easy to take, and can reduce the risk of developing a pounding headache, fatigue, shakiness, and other unpleasantries the next day.

We won't keep you waiting any longer. Here's what you should know about Polisorb vs. Liquid IV for hangover relief.

How do Polisorb and Liquid IV Work?

Polisorb and Liquid IV work differently to minimize hangover symptoms. Polisorb binds to the toxins that can cause your unwanted symptoms. Then, it escorts them out of your body before they can cause any real trouble. They are whisked away and removed with the rest of your waste products. On the other hand, Liquid IV works to minimize symptoms after your body absorbs the toxins from alcohol.

What's in These Hangover Remedies?

Polisorb and Liquid IV are very different when it comes to the ingredients they contain. Whereas Liquid IV contains more than 10 ingredients, Polisorb contains just one: silicon dioxide. Though the name may sound strange, silicon dioxide is a naturally occurring compound found in everything from water to animals. It's made of two elements extremely common here on earth—silicon and oxygen.

It's comforting to know the product you're taking to prevent your hangover symptoms only has one ingredient. No need to worry about added sugars, flavors, or preservatives. Rely on Polisorb hangover prevention to help you feel your best after a "play hard" kind of night (or afternoon. We aren't judging!)

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What Do They Taste Like?

Many people who take Liquid IV describe it as a highly flavored product that tastes a lot like Gatorade. 

If you'd rather fight off the effects of your alcohol consumption by taking a product that doesn't taste ultra-sweet, opt for Polisorb. Being both tasteless and odorless, you don't need to worry about it making you feel sick, especially if you're already fighting off the urge to pray to the porcelain god. Many people appreciate the fact that Polisorb mixed with water tastes just like…well, water!

So…Which Hangover Relief Product Should I Choose?

If you're still not quite sure what product is the best choice for your after-party blues, here's a quick recap of Polisorb and Liquid IV. The two don't have a lot in common, except they are both frequently used to minimize the after-effects of a binger. Polisorb has just one main ingredient: silicon dioxide. On the other hand, Liquid IV has more than 10 ingredients (including sugar and flavoring). 

Are you ready to give Polisorb a try? Order it before your next night on the town and see for yourself how well it works!