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What is A Weed Hangover & How To Feel Better If You Have One

Speaking of a reset, nothing is better for resetting your bod than giving your circulatory and urinary systems a little boost — just to get them going in the right direction.

You didn’t think it could happen to you, but alas, you wake up after a night of toking and feel…off. Your mouth is dry. Your head is achy. And is that nausea you feel? If you didn’t know any better, you would swear you were hungover. But, you didn’t drink…Or, if you did, you didn’t drink that much. So, what’s the deal?

If you steered clear of the booze but still feel crummy, you may be experiencing what some experts call “the weed hangover.” If you’re new to this concept, you’re not alone. Yet, chances are it’s not your first rodeo. So that you can better pinpoint what’s happening to your body the next time you wake up after a night of mowing the grass, it may be helpful to understand what, exactly, a weed hangover is. It may also help to know the symptoms and, more importantly, how to get rid of a weed hangover.

Weed Hangover Breakdown

A weed hangover is precisely what it sounds like: a hangover from too much weed. Before you become hurt by the fact that your favorite pastime could betray you in such a way, know that weed hangovers are much more tolerable than their alcohol-induced counterparts. Though weed hangovers can cause nausea and body aches, the more likely symptoms you will experience are as follows:

  • Dull, persistent headache
  • Brain fog
  • Grogginess or fatigue
  • Dry, itchy eyes
  • Cottonmouth
  • Lingering sensations of being high
  • Sensitivity to loud or abrasive stimuli, such as bright lights or sounds

Weed hangovers occur for the same reason alcohol hangovers occur — over-consumption. The most likely culprit of your symptoms is an overly potent strain. If you smoked a strain that contains 20% or more THC, the effects are likely to be greater, and longer lasting.

Potent strains are not the only cause of the next-day slumps. You may wake up with a hangover if your body chemistry is out of balance (which typically occurs because of a party-heavy lifestyle or less-than-stellar dietary choices) or if you are in the midst of an extended period of weed or alcohol use.

You may also develop a weed hangover if you got cross-faded the night before. In this case, your hangover could result from the Ganj and whatever alcohol you paired with it.

The good news is that weed hangovers don’t last nearly as long as alcohol-induced ones. THC levels typically peak between three to six hours, and most people report feeling back to their normal selves within a few hours of waking up.

Are Weed Hangovers Preventable?

Most people can prevent weed hangovers by following a few simple rules:

  • Stick to strains with low doses of THC.
  • Limit how much you smoke (particularly if you need to be on your A-game the next day).
  • Try new products with caution.
  • Avoid mixing weed with alcohol or other drugs.
  • If possible, smoke week — don’t eat it.
  • Take days off to let your body reset.

You may also be able to avoid weed hangovers by taking care in other areas of your life. When you get the munchies, reach for healthy options. Though maybe not nearly as satisfying as their processed counterparts, healthy food options can keep your systems in balance regardless of what you do on nights and weekends.

Our Top Remedies for Beating a Weed Hangover

If you’re past the point of prevention, don’t worry…Relief is just a few steps away. With a solid weed hangover remedy plan in place, you can restore whole-body balance and move forward with your day in just a matter of hours.

Fuel Your Body With a Balanced Diet

Just as with an alcohol-induced hangover, you can achieve relief with a hearty breakfast of whole grains, protein, and a source of healthy fat. Whole and nutritious foods can restore lost electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Keep Your Polisorb Close

Polisorb is an enterosorbent that binds to toxins in your digestive tract and quickly moves them through and out of it. If your body struggles to break down the remaining munchies and gummies creating bloating, gas and nausea, Polisorb can help. Mix two tablespoons with a glass of water when experiencing symptoms. Most people experience relief within 15 minutes.

Avoid Caffeine

Dehydration may play a significant role in your weed hangover. If that’s the case, stick with water and tea over coffee. Though coffee may give you a temporary boost, it can further dehydrate you and, therefore, undo any of the strides you made with your breakfast and Polisorb.

Drink Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water

Hydration not only helps you stay energized but also, it combats dry mouth, dry eyes, headache and other typical symptoms of a weed hangover. Ideally, you will drink water before, during and after a smoke session.

Rest Your Body

Finally, rest. Sleep and rest are the best remedies to work off a night of partying. If you have the time, consider sleeping in or taking a nap. If you don’t, go to bed a bit earlier that night.

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Weed hangovers aren’t common, but they happen. If one happens to you, use these hangover remedy tips to combat the symptoms and return to feeling like your best self.