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Detox Drinks vs Capsules: Which Is Right For You & Your Toxin Exposure?

Capsules or Drinks: There's no wrong way to take your favorite Detoxify product.

A detox is on your self-care to-do list, and rightly so. Between Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays and Fun Fridays, your body deserves some good ol' TLC every once in a while. Not sure where to start? We’ve got your back. 

We have a variety of detox products that make (Dare we say?) detoxing fun. If you're curious about how Detoxify's drinks or capsules can take on your latest toxin storm, you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about two popular methods of body rejuvenation.

What is Toxin Exposure?

Toxins are all around us and are in everything from the air we breathe to the foods we eat.1 Based on your day-to-day activities, you may be getting more than your fair share of unwanted — and wanted — “toxins”.

Detoxify products all come with exposure-level labels, making it easy for you to find the right product. Choosing your detox with Detoxify is easy. No need to worry about weight or BMI, just choose your herbal detox cleanse based on the level of toxicity.

Here's an easy way to think about them:

Average exposure (green) - When you face the same amount of toxins other people encounter every day and maybe indulge in a toxin of your choosing, your exposure meter hovers in the Average range.

High exposure (yellow) - When you like to live it up on the weekends (Happy Hour, anyone?) and make Taco Tuesday a true fiesta, the exposure meter goes up a notch.

Maximum exposure (red) - When indulge is your middle name, your exposure levels may match your attitude toward life: All in.  

Whether you want to make your body squeaky clean or simply offset with a shot of something good, our detox cleanses can help you accomplish your goals. Each cleanse comes with easy-to-follow instructions and targets varying levels of toxin exposure for maximum results.

How Detoxing Can Help

Life’s a treat, and you should treat it as such. With Detoxify products, you can embrace your vices with the peace of mind that comes in knowing you can combat any acquired toxins with a targeted cleansing product. Through a multi-system cleanse, you can return your toxin levels back to green while also elevating your energy levels, hydrating your body, boosting your immune system and more.

Detoxify's Detox Drinks vs Capsules

Once you determine your toxin level, you can choose which form of detoxing is right for you: the rich goodness of Detoxify drinks or the simplicity of Detoxify capsules?

Detoxify Drinks

Popular on the Detoxify drink menu are:

Each drink has its own strength to power up your detoxing strategy. Simply pop open a bottle when you're ready to start the detoxing process.

Detoxify Capsules

Meanwhile, these friends on the capsule menu can help get your body back on track:

Precleanse Herbal Supplements (All Toxin Levels) - Preparing your body for a full cleansing experience with these herbal capsules. For max results, simply drink more water and stop toxin useat least 48 hours before taking other cleansing products.

Power Up Your Detox Shop Precleanse

Instant Clean (High Toxin Exposure) - These herbal capsules are perfect for fast recovery from high exposure to toxins. Get ready to see your best results at the three to four hour mark. The capsules are also sugar-free, making them an excellent choice for anyone watching their blood glucose levels.

Sugar Free Detox Capsules Shop Instant Clean


Each product has its own special features and instructions, so make sure to read them carefully to get the most out of your detox experience.

Which Way is Right for You?

There is no wrong way to take your favorite Detoxify product. Whether you enjoy the smoothness of Detoxify drinks or the effectiveness of Detoxify capsules, both will take your body to detox bliss.