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Can These Really Prevent a Hangover?: Detoxify vs H-Proof for Hangovers

Simply keep Polisorb in your purse or by your bedside as a quick reminder to take it before bed.

If you need to show up for work or simply want to make brunch plans, a night of overindulging in alcohol can seriously derail the next day. Even if those plans include binge-watching your favorite Netflix series—without a headache and nausea, anyway. If you struggle with hangovers after drinking, have hope. Plenty of products can relieve the nasty next-day symptoms and let you get on with your life after a night of celebration. Let's dive into two formulas, in particular, to see which solution works best for you!

What Causes Hangovers?

Alcohol has several effects that lead to hangover symptoms. When we drink, we become dehydrated since alcohol causes fluid and electrolyte loss as a diuretic. This accounts for the excess thirst, headaches, and fatigue that occur. In addition, alcohol stops the body from releasing a hormone, vasopressin, that supports fluid balance.1

Drinking also slows digestion and irritates the stomach lining, which causes nausea and vomiting associated with overindulgence. Alcohol's inflammatory effects explain the flu-like feelings of a hangover. This occurs because the immune system identifies the toxins consumed and acts accordingly.

Low blood sugar can result from drinking too much, which can cause mood swings, shakiness, and weakness. Other common hangover symptoms include dry mouth, sleep disturbances, sound and light sensitivity, dizziness, trouble concentrating, and even heart palpitations.2

Drinking any amount of alcohol can impact how you feel in the morning. However, the more you drink, the more important it is to have a hangover remedy in your medicine cabinet for an immediate refresh.

Likewise, while any type of alcohol can lead to symptoms, dark liquors such as whiskey or bourbon are more common culprits. These spirits have ingredients called congeners that cause or worsen hangovers.

Other factors that contribute to hangover symptoms include drinking without food in your stomach to absorb the alcohol, combining alcohol with nicotine or other drugs, not getting enough sleep after a night out, and having a family history of alcoholism.

Polisorb vs H-Proof for Hangover Symptoms

H-Proof is a gummy vitamin designed to take whenever you drink. Its ingredients encourage the production of digestive enzymes that help your body metabolize alcohol.

Polisorb, on the other hand, actually flushes alcohol from the GI tract before it causes those hangover symptoms. When you take Polisorb before bed after a night of drinking, you're more likely to wake up refreshed rather than groggy and sick. It also helps resolve upset stomach symptoms and can help prevent nausea and vomiting.

Ingredients in Polisorb vs What's in H-Proof

Polisorb consists of just one ingredient: Pure, tasteless silicon dioxide, which occurs naturally in your body. H-Proof, however, has 15 active ingredients targeted at hangover symptoms, including taurine, folate, vitamin B12, dihydromyricetin (a bioflavonoid), and silymarin (an antioxidant).

Taking Polisorb for a Hangover

When your main goal is to feel great in the morning, you can easily avoid a hangover by taking Polisorb before the night ends. Because your body still has alcohol in its system, you can stop the unwanted symptoms before they start. Take two tablespoons with a half cup of water, and you are good to go! To further enhance results, take another serving once you wake up.

With H-Proof, you need to take two tablets after every five drinks or less. It can be a challenge to keep track of the effective dose. By contrast, simply keep Polisorb in your purse or by your bedside as a quick reminder to take it before bed. It's as simple as that!

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Hangover bundles include two doses of Polisorb along with an herbal cleanse to replenish your lost electrolytes, nutrients, and fluids. Give Polisorb a try if you have a fun night ahead.